Property and booking management for networks and tour operator

Enterprise cloud server booking applications

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Networks and tour operators dedicated vacation rentals cloud software

Booking EstarProperties and Booking management cloud frameworks for Networks and Tour Operators
Estar Booking Enterprise, is the top cloud service management solution provided by Estar group, for Vacation Rentals networks, or Tour Operators companies.

It’s  Estar's more scalable and modular framework, and can also customized with dedicated flow management.

The frameworks work on strong cloud server architectures, also supported by PCI DSS dedicated servers, in all those cases where it is necessary to store credit card data, related to its safe standard industry treatment.

The framework has several modules that can be activated related to the customer needs. The main useful modules are :
  • Guest management, 
  • Agency Management,
  • Properties management, 
  • Bookings management (on request and instant booking management), 
  • Check in management, 
  • Checkout management, 
  • Channel manager integration (you can choose from Mybookingpal, RentalsUnited, Octorate), 
  • XML two way agency API service, 
  • XML two way API booking engine integration (for web sites), 
  • Direct API with, Expedia, FlipKey, Atraveo.
For Enterprise projects Estar group team is at your disposal for Customer needs evaluation, Analysis, Customized offers, online supported demo, delivery plan and related help desk service.

Management modules, new software...

Never ending development flow, Estar group is at your disposal every day, take a look at the new solutions.

Agency Owner access

EB Professional

Property owner mobile access to Agency platform

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Booking Communication management

E-Mail Enterprise

Booking e-mail communication management

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Channel Flipkey

FlipKey OTA Channel

FlipKey OTA channel for Estar Booking Prof./Ent. Versions

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wordpress Estar plug in


New WordPress package with booking engine and template integration

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